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Kenko Lens Filter, TeleConverter & Extension Tube for Cameras:

  • Celeste -The highest top class filter series that combines uncompromising optical quality, perfect water & oilrepellent performance and newly designed advanced frame.
  • Circular Polarizer SLIM – Reflections and glare can be reduced significantly from non-metallic surfaces
  • RealPro Protector – With Anti-Stain Coating (ASC) is ultimate super clear glass for lens protection.
  • DG Extension Tube Set – Designed to enable a lens to focus closer than its normal set minimum focusing distance.
  • TeleConverter HD DGX – Placed between the camera body and lens, increase the focal length of any lens.
  • Lens Clip FishEye 180  – Transform your image in the dramatic sphere capturing super wide area around the object.
  • Kenko Step Ring – It is converted to ring to allow mounting the conversion lens and filters having different sizes.

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